Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS4Less?

GIS4Less is a geospatial technology procurement website offering GIS professionals discounts on core GIS and geospatial products.

Who provides GIS4Less?

GIS4Less is a service of Geographic Enterprises, LLC based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. The founder of Geographic Enterprises is industry veteran Kent Hargesheimer, who has been a GIS consultant providing 'off-the-shelf' and custom geospatial solutions to both government and corporate clients for more than a decade.

How can GIS4Less offer such low prices?

It is by maintaining EXTREMELY low overhead. Geographic Enterprises is a home-based business. We pay no rent for office space, have no payroll, and we maintain no inventory. Most products are shipped directly to customers by the manufacturers (such as ESRI or MapInfo). The result is that we can pass on substantial saving to our customers.

Why offer prices so low?

It really goes back to our basic mission to expand the use and evolution of geospatial technologies. We want to change the industry and drive demand and development of new geospatial technology which will benefit all of us. By reducing prices for core tools for the most experienced of the GIS community, this enables customers to get more 'bang' for their existing geospatial budget. As a result, we believe this will create more demand for new applications, thus spawning the more rapid evolution of the geospatial industry's technology.

How do such low prices impact customer service?

Customer service is the highest priority at Geographic Enterprises. You can call us at any time at 1.888.854.LESS to answer any questions you may have about available products or the status of an order. Orders placed will be processed within 1 business day and shipped as quickly as possible by the manufacturer. We will provide updates to you via email from the time your order is placed, until final and complete delivery has been made.

Can I get Technical Support for the products I buy?

Yes, discounted technical support packages are available from appropriate partners on GIS4Less. If you don't see a support package you need, call us at 1.888.848.4436. Geographic Enterprises provides very limited technical support to customers purchasing directly.

Who is the target audience for GIS4Less?

Experienced GIS professionals and procurement personnel who know exactly what GIS and geospatial products they need. GIS4Less is NOT for people new to GIS who need help putting together a new solution. People new to GIS should call us at 1.888.854.LESS to discuss your needs directly. As necessary, we can refer you to an appropriate pre-screened GIS consultant partner that best fits your requirements.

Can GIS4Less respond to an RFP or RFQ?

Yes, please send RFP documents to Geographic Enterprises one of the following ways:

  1. Via email to customerservice [at]
  2. Via fax to 1.919.341.1963
  3. Via courier or mail service to:

Geographic Enterprises, LLC
1400 Flemming House Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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