StreetPro Malaysia
StreetPro Malaysia

StreetPro Malaysia is MapInfo’s premier street network database for Malaysia. It has been designed to provide users with a flexible, multi-purpose foundation with the appropriate integrity for critical business use. StreetPro can be resourced for geocoding and mapping with MapInfo software at various geographic resolutions, including capital city region, or national coverage. Routing and logistics solutions can also use StreetPro with its comprehensive street network over major population centres. Current and Updated Frequently StreetPro Malaysia is reviewed and updated annually at regular intervals to ensure it is comprehensive and up to date. Updates typically include: * Improved network topology * Optimised network design * New road segments * Comprehensive boundary structures * Updated contextual information (features, parks, etc.) More Information StreetPro is packed with an extensive array of layers containing street networks, administrative boundaries and contextual features. You can choose what information you would like included in your analysis. The layers found in StreetPro Malaysia include: Roads * Detailed roads over large population centres * Highways and main roads over the whole country Administrative Boundaries * Locality boundaries for Greater Kuala Lumpur (called Kampung) * Sub-district boundaries (called Mukim) * District boundaries (called Daerah) * State boundaries (called Negeri) * Country boundary of Malaysia Postal Information * Postcode boundaries for major regional centres Contextual Information * Feature points * Rail and Stations * Township points * Rivers and Parklands * Built up areas * Ocean and island landmass Better Presentation StreetPro offers colour-coding and symbology to give you the tools you need for a great presentation. * Colour-coded streets based on road classification * Colour-enhanced contextual layers Geographic Coverage Malaysia Scale 1:12,500 to 1:250,000 Coordinate System WGS84 Vintage Date 2005 Data Updates Updated Annually Unit Of Sale Malaysia; Capital City

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