Panorama Custom Mapping & GIS Web Services
Panorama Custom Mapping & GIS Web Services

Implementing your custom mapping & GIS web application has never been faster, easier, or this economical. Our partners at Waypoint have established a flexible mapping & GIS web-hosting infrastructure that runs on a robust, secure, scalable computing cluster with high-speed communication links. This is an ideal environment for running hosted mapping & GIS applications.

Use Waypoint Panorama™ to centrally manage and deliver interactive map data, or for controlled sharing and analysis of important spatial information within your organization.

Here are several examples:

If you have a need to interactively analyze marketing information, for site selection of new stores or assessment of trade area performance...

GIS Web Services

Or, if you have been looking for a way to bring interactive natural resource data online to your company or the general public...

GIS Web Services

Or, you want to combine engineering and geo-demographic analysis to enable capacity planning for cellular coverage areas...

GIS Web Services

Fully Customizable Applications

GIS Web Services

The Waypoint Panorama™ platform is highly customizable, providing an ideal environment for developing public or private spatial information portals. Whether the application requires core surface and polygon analysis, or draws on our library of asset tracking tools, Waypoint can deliver custom solutions that bring real value.

Partnering with Waypoint, our staff collectively has decades of experience in taking concepts applications through development and full implementation, using a wealth of algorithms for processing scientific and business geodata. Take advantage of the highly experienced design team to help you extract the intelligence and answers hiding in your data and solve your hosted mapping requirements. You will be impressed...

Waypoint Panorama™ – System Overview

GIS Web Services

Waypoint Panorama™ is an online hosted spatial information system, provided as a subscription service. It can be readily customized so that virtually any business customer can quickly gain access to an interactive map and data processing environment.

  • Waypoint Panorama™ is designed to deliver web mapping applications
  • Waypoint Panorama™ can be used to publish map data, share spatial information within your organization, run online spatial analytics, or track assets
  • Your specific business processes can be supported, your information can be uploaded or downloaded, and messages and notifications are sent automatically
  • Whether you are looking for a platform to publish scientific spatial data, tracking a busy commercial fleet of aircraft, or sharing signal strength coverage maps of cellular networks, the Waypoint Panorama™ system can be quickly configured as your main source of spatial business intelligence
  • Industry standard OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) compliant connectivity to other web map servers and external databases (yours or others) enables your application to access geo-spatial data across the web and serve it from one central location

Contact us today at 1.888.854.LESS or complete our free Trial Account Request Form to see how Panorama can be the perfect solution for your organization. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive our hosted solutions can be.

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